Worldwide metal-based Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a rapidly growing industry and is forecasted to be valued at $16.0 billion in 2020 (BBC Research). Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies are at the forefront of advanced manufacturing technologies (Smart Technology roadmap). However, a fundamental technical barrier to the widespread adoption and fulfillment of the economic potential of metal AM is the prediction and control of process-induced defects. Despite the potential benefits that metal AM offers (e.g. manufacturability of optimum light designs, material recyclability, mechanical strength, etc.), it is only used to a limited extent due in part to process-induced distortion and cracking. The iAM-3DPO project aims to address these challenges using a multidisciplinary approach by implementing an advanced laser system, coupling real-time data acquisition from optimised optical and thermal monitoring systems, with a data-driven approach that uses modularized AM data, cloud-based computing, machine learning, and adaptive machine process parameter control to achieve zero-distortion, zero-defects builds. The advanced AM process technology and adaptable optimisation approach will result in cost reduction, higher material utilization, improved quality assurance, product customization and reduced design cycle times in the AM process chain.