Eligibility criteria

SMART, as a EUREKA Cluster, is committed to enhancing the competitiveness of European industry through the promotion of cross-border, market-oriented industrial innovation.

Projects’ participants must be organisations from the EUREKA Member and Associated Countries. As a consortium of partners, they submit a project proposal to SMART for technical evaluation.

Are you eligible?

  • Do you have a consortium comprised of at least 2 industrial companies from 2 different participating countries?

  • Does your project have a civil purpose?

  • Is your project innovative? Does it have a strong market orientation?

  • Does every participant contribute with less than 66% of the overall project budget?

  • Does every participating country contribute with less than 66% of the overall project budget?

Selection criteria

Selection criteria for Project Outlines and Full Project Proposals

SMART Project Outlines and Full Project Proposals will be evaluated and selected according to the following criteria:

Supporting Countries

1 Relevance to SMART Program
2 Quality and efficiency of the implementation – Project planning and consortium quality
3 Impact – Market and Commercialisation
5 Contact with NFAs

The evaluation criteria will have different focus on PO and FPP evaluation.

For the PO evaluation, the main focus is on the following criteria:

In addition to the above-mentioned criteria, the following are taken into account for the FPP evaluation:

For additional information on the evaluation process, see Experts and Evaluations.