Project/DownloadContactPartners SoughtCountries Sought
Aerospace Inspect & Sort - An AI vision system for aerospace precision machined part identificationCarlos GarcíaExperts on intelligent based vision systemsAny
Workforce Optimisation - Improving the performance of manufacturing teamsCarlos GarcíaExpersts on workforce psychologyAny
ONSIPROMAN (ONline SImulation & Monitoring of PROduction Machines for Sustainable MANufacturing)
Mehmet Cem YıldıOrganisation Type: Large Industry, Research Institute, SME, University, others.
Missing Expertise: Software Solution Provider/Developer, Hardware-in-loop Simulation/Solution Provider, Engineering/Control Platform Provider, R&D, specifically embedded systems experts, End users for industry application
Smart Gas Atomization - How big data can facilitate smart & sustainable atomization
Jesper VangResearch and/or industrial partners offering analytical process monitoring solutions or/and big data handlingSweden
3D printing with seamless transitions between different materials zonesLi YangIndustrial companies and research institutes that have the willingness to share a journey and to provide complementary expertise & skills, resources, market-reach, and network. Chemical and material producers, Manufactures, End users, …Any
Automated Production - FLAG-6Anje VanvlierbergheSmall countries and regions do not have important domestic OEMs on their territory so the need to be a strong and unique supplier is essential to be selected as a partner.Any
Twin Transition of the production process towards a sustainable aviation eco-systemAnje VanvlierbergheSmall countries and regions do not have important domestic OEMs on their territory so the need to be a strong and unique supplier is essential to be selected as a partner.Any
Developing right-first-time composite parts from wise, decisive machine tools (COMPWISE)Gavin HillEnd users of tech, domain specific algorithm development or other machining centre manufacturers.Any
Improved hot forging processes by advanced numerical modelling of the microstructure, the development of new tooling coatings and the application of AI in forging workshopsLander Galdos• High temperature forging component measuring system developer (laser triangulation technique, flash contour by AV)
• Companies with forging lines monitoring experience (sensors, industrial communications, data treating and storing)
LOFSMOL - Low and Flexible Sheet Metal Forming for Low VolumesMariluz Penalva
Anh Nguyen
• End-users: Sheet metal parts manufacturers (automotive, appliances, aerospace, creative architecture…), machinists or any other potential user of the technology.
• Technology providers: Machine-toolbuilders, robot manufacturers. CAM automation.
United Kingdom
Optical isolator (diode) chip - Nanophotonic deviceKyong Hon Kim
Kyu Tae Lee
A technical group having advanced silicon foundry facilities for very fine patterned device fabrication, such as IMEC or CEA-Leti.Any
Optimization solution development through AI and simulation integrationYoung-Ae CHUNPartners who can collect data and provide dataAny
Design for Predictive Maintenace - A handbookNiclas Björsell• Automation engineers for industry
• Experts in maintenance
• Competence in industrial IT with connection to OT
• Manufacturing companies with an interest in the handbook
Scaling our novel D.I.Y retro-fit insulation for any building. Collaboration for localised design solutions for local markets and manufactureOliver Browne-WilkinsonSCALING 1&2 - Injection molding companies with a direct sales force in all country

Collaboration 1 - University research departments focused on sustainability and buildings with links to national
building industry in all countries.
Sustainable electrical vehicle motor windings via additive manufacturing of copper (ESAM)Sasan Dadbakhsh
Stacy Trey
• Small companies in Sweden working with copper and AM or a company working on plastmolding insulation processes
• End users
• A manufacturer for EBM and LPBF processing
• A material producer of copper for EBM and LPBF
Time Critical Wireless Communication System for Industry Network - 5G Modeling for Industry TSNS Dong-ho Yu
Si-young Han
• Manufacturing system integrator (who holds time critical industrial applications)
• Device manufacturer who holds time critical industrial application
• Manufacturers of plant system, medical system, idustrialxRsystem
Model-free anomaly detection on 3D scansFarhad BazyariWe are hoping to join a consortium of manufacturers whom we can help on automatic anomaly detection without prior models.Any
“Infinitive” from CAE Tech - Automating mass-customisationPeter Harman• Manufacturers of build-to-order products
• Vendors of manufacturing hardware or software.
Sustainable Machining of Aluminium AlloysUlrika Brohede• Research provider with expertise in aluminum machining and MQL-system. Access to machining lab and a wide range of material analysis and theoretical modelling.
• Aluminum component manufacturer for demonstration and end user perspective of sustainable machining solutions.
• Machining solution providers, to provide tools, functional coatings, tool holders, spindle systems, lubri-coolant systems, chemicals and other smart innovations for sustainable machining of aluminum,
Zero-D: Process Parameters Optimization for Zero-Defect Manufacturing using Digital Twin based Predictive QualityRümeysa Ersoy- Expert hardware solution providers
- Manufacturing companies


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