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Autonomous Robotic Mounting System for Solar Panel Installation (SolarARMS) Onur KESKİN·Manufacturers of tracked/wheeled farm vehicles or parts
·Companies with solar farm construction experience
·Research institutes, universities in the field of low latency communication, autonomous fleet control
·All partners from eligible are highly welcomed
“Infinitive” from CAE Tech - Automating mass-customisationPeter Harman• Manufacturers of build-to-order products
• Vendors of manufacturing hardware or software.
Carbonless moving. Lean energy sources powered by alternative fuels.Mikalai Babko• Scientific and technical partners in the development, manufacture and testing of a prototype of a resource-saving on-board generator for an electric vehicle;
• IT partners in the development of software and hardware for machine learning for the on-board generator of an electric vehicle with the manufacture and testing of a control system.
MODULAR - Simplify and scale industrial analyticsHoward LowIndustrial facility owner, industrial technology service providers / vendors, RTOAny
An artificial intelligent edge device that can predict electrical failures before they happenKelvin LeeAnyUnited Kingdom
NanoDeck: Circular Economy Marine Renewable EnergyMartin LeighManufacturingSpain
PROJECT BoDAM (Battery on Demand for Additive Manufacturing)Alberto Santana• Looking for technogical partners aimed to implement and/or adapt their manufacturing capabilities to our products.
• Interested on technical companies with influence in energy applications that can provide us with valuable feedback on our formulations performance to achieve a fine tuning of electrical properties.
S-AWG | Smart Atmospheric Water Generation systemAbdulbari Belouafi• Companies with expertise in applying coatings to metal surface or laser-processing to produce superhydrophobic surfaces. (Both R&D and mass production)
• Companies with expertise in different coating techniques, applying ink-like solutions to metal substrates.
Innovative ideas to use liquid ammonia as a fertilizer of fuelStephen VollerInnovative solutions to :
• Turn liquid ammonia into solid ammonia nitrate, urea or similar.
• Methods to use liquid fertilizers directly.
• Use of liquid ammonia as a fuel.

In the USA it is common to inject liquid ammonia directly into the soil, but in the EU most fertilizers is scattered as a solid prill.
United Kingdom
Novel Sustainable Stevia Extraction - A Breakthrough in Stevia Extract ManufacturingSamr Calcutawala• Academia
• Engineering companies
• Research centres
• National Funding agencies
United Kingdom A No-Code Multimodal AI Platform | Making AI EasyChetan Kaher• Manufacturing Companies
• Consultancies
• Software providers
PRoACT: Polyamide Additive ReManuFactory of Circular TextilesJo-Anne GoddenRecyclers, Additive Manufacturing, Textile Manufacturing, Robotics, AI, Engineering, Injection Moulding, Person-Machine TechnologyAny
Industrial Technology Research Institute - Mechanical and Mechatronics Systems Research LaboratoriesSwami Siddharth

Ming-Jyh Chang
Advanced Workforce OptimisationCarlos Garcia• Workforce psychology to understand and implement strategies for improved job satisfaction and performance.
• Workforce well-being to integrate health and satisfaction measures into daily workflows.
AI Vision InspectionCarlos GarciaThey invite industry partners, technology developers, and research institutions to join this initiative. Collaborators will be pivotal in providing expertise, resources, and testing environments necessary to bring this vision to fruitionAny
INDIEMAN - Intelligent & Automatic NDT for Discrete ManufacturingMika Sirén• NDT equipment/sensor manufacturer, LE/SME
• Robot/automation integrator for NDT applications, SME
• End user, SME
A BREAKTHROUGH: Predictive Maintenance in Servo MotorsBurak BağcıRTOs or Academies, Digital Twin ProvidersAny
A BREAKTHROUGH: Predictive Maintenance in Servo MotorsErik Ekström

Karin Beaussant Törne
Brass/plastic plumbing fixtures manufacturers that wants to find alternatives to chromium coatings.
• Coating solution providers – process/coating design and optimization
• Chemical suppliers in the electroplating industry - process/coating design and optimization
• Other.
MOIETY - Multifunctional polyolefin separators for enhanced thermal stability and sustainabilityDavid Johnson

Mike Martyn
Looking for partners in the manufacture of lithium batteries willing to explore the development of the next generation battery separator using advanced multilayer cast film extrusion and compounding technologies.Any
ResiFlow – Hazardous | Warehouse Management PlatformHamadi Malumbo• Universities
• Research organizations
• Use-case providers
• Large Industries
• SMEs
• Start-ups
PAMAI | Process Aware Manufacturing Artificial IntelligenceAhmet Melih Selçuk• Industry Partner: Manufacturers operating process/batch manufacturing industries (cement, steel, glass, FMCG or similar)
• Software houses with Backend, Front-end, Devops capabilities.
SPARK | Smart Production Analysis Reporting KnowledgeKrisztina Bardos• SME – End users
• SME – End users
• Use - Case Providers
• Research institutes
EU countries
aLL-i X | Innovative Design TechnologyCuneyt OzturkAdvance Aerospace Technology, Fuel cell engineering, Data analysis and machine learning, Cloud computing, Sustainable energy engineering and Quantum computingUnited Kingdom
Circular Economy in electrical insulators - Valuing The UnvaluableGonzalo Román LeónAnyAny
CLEVER - Closed-Loop Equipment Integration & 3D Vision for Enhanced Robotics in DED-arcTiago Rodrigues• IR camera and sensor manufacturer
• End user


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