As defined in the FPP, the project leader will be reporting to the SMART Office in the defined period about the project development technical progress. Technical reporting is used to inform the different levels of the SMART Association on the progress of SMART Projects.

The Project Reporting and Monitoring guide details the process or project monitoring and provides the template for the Project Progress Report to be filled and submitted by the Project Leader.

Change request

This document should be used by participants to submit any change that could occur after the label and during the execution of a project. It should be sent to: Each modification should be detailed and justified. The overall achievements and deliverables affected should be considered. A revised FPP should also be provided.

The process:


Inform the SMART office about your project changes request.


The Technical Committee decides whether to approve or reject the changes.


The SMART office communicates the decision to participants and Public Authorities involved.


After finishing, project leader must send a final project report summarizing the project results and achievements.

Project leader and project participants must be available to fill surveys after project finishing to provide information about the market applications of the results, so that the overall SMART project impacts can be evaluated.