SMART is the EUREKA Cluster on Advanced Manufacturing, active since 2017.

The SMART Organisation comprises the following bodies:

Cluster Board

The Cluster Board is the executive body of the cluster organization, being elected and periodically renovated by the General Assembly. It will initiate and maintain very close relationships with the Public Authorities Board. The Cluster Board is industry-driven but open to RTOs & Academia.

Public Authorities Board (PAB)

The PAB is composed of representatives of the countries Supporting the Program. It is responsible for informing the Cluster Board on the present and future public priorities in Advanced Manufacturing and the national funding granted to each project. The Public Authorities Board supports the Program in project generation, evaluation, funding and monitoring.

General Assembly

The General Assembly shall have the broadest powers within the limits defined by law. In particular, will be in charge of validating the overall management of the association carried out by the Cluster Board and the election of its members.

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee is composed by selected experts from industry and academia. It participates in the evaluation and monitoring of project progress and it is complemented with the external expert panel.

Cluster Office

The Cluster Office manages the day-to-day operations of SMART. It assists the Board in the coordination, administration and organization of the Program, being responsible for the promotion of the Program at a general level and the management of Project Calls.