ARISEN is a transdisciplinary project that combines the complimentary competencies and skills of a research organization from Portugal, a lubricant manufacturer from Turkey and an industrial machining company from Portugal as end-user. Within ARISEN the core concept is centered around achieving minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) machining of titanium and aluminum alloys with mineral oil-free and biodegradable lubricants for sustainable manufacturing. Over a 2-year project term, throughout six work packages (4 of them R&D WPs, and 2 supporting WPs) the ARISEN consortium will manage to deliver an idea from the prototype level to pilot scale production, and validation with an end user. The overall impact of the project will be improvement of the manufacturing process in the metal industry which will make use of lower amounts of lubricants. Moreover, these lubricants will be environmentally friendly, degradable in the nature and fully free of mineral oils. This will lead to clear benefits for machining companies that will apply the lubricants developed within the ARISEN project, but also to Belgin as a manufacturer of this new innovative product line. Through the commercial channels of Belgin the outputs of ARISEN will reach the lubricants market worldwide, having the potential to positively influence the whole metal processing sector, making its manufacturing greener and more sustainable.