Eureka Community Meeting Held in Riga (Latvia) with Active Participation from Clusters

From March 28 to 30, a meeting of the entire Eureka community was held in the city of Riga, Latvia, with active participation from various clusters. The clusters included SMART (Advanced and Digital Manufacturing), Eurogia (Sustainability), Xecs (Electronic Components and Systems), Celtic (Communications), and ITEA (Software).

High-level representatives from more than 28 countries that support Eureka participated in this meeting, as well as the facilitators of various programmes under the Eureka umbrella. The European Commission also participated in these meetings.

The SMART Cluster gave a presentation highlighting the importance of clustering the advanced manufacturing ecosystem and presented the results of a specific project (click here to chech) in which a large leading company collaborated with a small technology company to solve a very specific technology problem.



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