Sensor-based Smart Tooling for machining process on-line measurement and monitoring

S0213 – ToolSense


ToolSense addresses the high costs of machining process the manufacturing industries are confronted with, due to lack of process control and needs of continuous product quality assessment.

In current production, these costs are incurred due to lack of control of aggressive mechanical and thermal loads acting on cutting tools.

These loads, if not managed correctly and optimized, can negatively affect the quality – poor product tolerances, surface and sub-surface defects, but can also lead to rapid wear of cutting tools, frequent stops or tool failure resulting in high costs.

Hence, ToolSense aims to develop, upscale and commercialize Smart Cutting Tools capable of on-line measurement and monitoring of forces, vibrations and temperatures in a machining process.

Moreover, these tools will be implemented within the existing value chain of advanced aeronautic and hydraulic components.

Tooling industry, sensor technology experts and component manufacturers will collaborate to achieve this ambitious goal.