The S-MACH project brings together key players from the automotive industry, coating companies, cutting tool SMEs, and research providers to advance the machining of extruded aluminum alloys. By exploring the synergies between cutting tools, coatings, and cooling-lubrication methods, S-MACH aims to develop innovative and sustainable solutions for aluminum machining. These tailored solutions are expected to boost the revenues, innovation capabilities, and sustainability of the participating companies while supporting EU sustainability goals. Furthermore, the implementation of S-MACH’s advancements could lead to a minimum 10% turnover increase for solution providers. The project fully aligns with four domains of the SMART Technology Roadmap, focusing on sustainable advanced manufacturing processes (5.1, 5.2, 5.5, and 5.6).




Chalmers University of Technology

DOF Tools

Hydro extruded solutions AB

 Czech Technical University in Prague


 Oerlicon Surface Solutions