For the shift towards electric cars and to reduce CO2 emissions and global warming, superior electric cars with improved motor efficiencies are needed. This can be enabled by new designs for critical components, such as electrical windings in motors. It may not be possible by using conventional techniques and new methods such as additive manufacturing (AM) are required. Accordingly, an interdisciplinary team will explore the possibilities of producing AM electric motor windings for electric vehicles from copper using electron beam melting (EBM) and Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF). In this project consortium, coordinated by Sweden Research Institute RISE (SE), Eckart (DE) and Amnovis will provide the copper powder, KTH (SE), Amnovis (BE), AMRC (UK), Amexci (SE), Evobeam(DE) and Wayland take the lead to improve the possibilities of additive manufacturing EBM/LPBF of copper electrical windings. Afterwards, instructions and guidelines will be conveyed to the end-users Koenigsegg (SE) and Xylem (SE). Using these, Koenigsegg (KNG) and Xylem will design, optimise and revise new AM windings. Scania will be involved with validation of these solutions. These will be manufactured by KTH, Amnovis, Wayland and AMRC with input from Amexci. Afterwards, the windings will be insulated using different techniques, with involvement from Solvay (IT), RISE (SE),simulation input from Neue Materialien Bayreuth (DE) and the Swedish Coil Center (SE). The insulated test samples and windings will be tested by Scania (SE) to ensure insulation quality and applicability. After approving the insulations, Scania, Koenigsegg and Xylem will assemble/test/analyse the performance. Clever Compliance (SE) will help streamline product compliance processes and ensure sustainability is kept in focus throughout the value chain.


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