The goal of ComDiscTool is the development of sustainable composite powders and the advanced manufacturing of highly wear-resistant components and tools for sheet metal forming in the automotive industry. In these applications, surface and coating technologies have a major impact on properties, sustainability and durability. The consortium includes all elements of the value chain for manufacturing highly wear-resistant components and forming tools, which will work together to achieve the main objective of the project. Currently, the laser energy process (DED) has great potential as an alternative coating process due to its lower energy consumption and the resulting strong bond between coating and substrate. However, only a few powder materials with a high supply risk for the DED process are available on the market. These are not tailored to the DED process. The consortium intends to develop resource-saving composites/manufacturing based on minimum proportions of WC in iron matrix with reinforced elements (low supply risk). By using block-shaped WC instead of round particles, energy-intensive machining processes should be eliminated once they are imported into EU countries. The developed DED process will be tested under industrial conditions (standard and high-speed DED) on two different applications: Brake discs and sheet metal forming tools.


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