Following the successful introduction of additive technologies in Advanced Manufacturing, several concerns related to components reliability began to surface that require further insight into the additive procedures hemselves and solutions to prevent part failure. STREAM aims at mitigating one such complex problem which is recurrent in Additive Manufactured components: a low fatigue life that stems from the presence of characteristic additive process defects such as voids, porosities and incomplete powder melting. The project focuses on the development and comparison of mitigating technologies directed at component surface enhancement, such as Laser Shock Peening, Thermo-chemical and Mechanical post treatments, focusing on a specific product for the markets the industrial partners already exploit. The methodology followed in STREAM will be robust Engineering project methodologies for understanding which are the major integrity failure contributors, by comparing the base material of the built LMD component with the different surface treatments options. The resulting optimal treatment will be incorporated into the industrial partner’s product line with advanced properties.