The aim of SmartWeld is to develop a technology platform which integrates thermoplastic composite materials into radiational oncology and magnetic imaging medical applications. This technology platform will address material as well as process development towards a unified solution for the topic in discussion. Current material solutions are dominated by thermoset composites. Thermosets, while extensively used, are less environmentally friendly materials, more difficult to recycle, and hinder greater risks from the manufacturing/production point of view. The consortium consists of all relevant links in the value chain: from OEM material suppliers, to product manufacturers, along with academic expertise and motivation to innovate. It is expected that the project will impact the sustainability of the medical manufacturing industry, but also support automotive and aerospace in the transition to more sustainable composite materials. The project will specifically focus on the development of induction welding technology with data collection for further AI analysis, and pair this with fast and energy efficient processing and welding of an innovative thermoplastic material (KyronTEX). During the project, the welding process will be adapted to the new material based on the unique welding technology of the SME Corebon. The impact on the resulting production system will also be investigated, which will support the medical OEM Orfit in the implementation of the results.


 Orfit Industries NV


Vrije Universiteit Brussels

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials GmbH

Westsachsische Hochschule Zwickau

Linkopings Universitet

Corebon AB