Additive manufacturing offers remarkable flexibility compared to traditional manufacturing methods, namely, freedom in geometric design and optimisation, customisation, and low-volume production. However, to date, these remarkable attributes have not been fully exploited for the production of high-end products in the aeronautic and energy sectors. This is partly due to the practical challenges associated with the subsequent post-processes. Today, the limited knowledge of design for additive manufacturing (DfAM) including the constraints of following post processes has led to costly trial-and-error approaches. The current design guidelines given in ISO/ASTM standards only partly include the post-processing constraints with significant impacts on the manufacturability of AM products. Thus, not every optimal design can be produced in a cost-effective manner and with the expected quality. The incomplete guidelines significantly increase the lead time and cost for the production of high-quality parts and hence slow down a broader industrial adoption of PBF-LB technology. BRAVE aims to deploy an integrated digital framework for optimisation of AM supply chain to improve the availability, performance, and quality of materials, processes, and products. BRAVE’s overarching goal is to pave the way for industrialisation and commercialisation of AM- and post-processes.


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