InnovPolymer is a project that puts together biobased materials (bioPU) and Reaction Injection Moulding technology (RIM). The consortium includes all the elements of the plastic value chain that will work together to accomplish the main goal of the project: to develop a flexible innovative RIM technology (resins/process/machine) enabling the production of low weight and low carbon parts, from different materials for various markets. Currently RIM technologies are at the hand of a few players that develop machines to produce parts with standard commercial formulations and have no commercial interest in the development of new products due to small market size. The consortium intends to develop a new RIM technology by adapting an open patented mixing process to the machine to be developed. This equipment will be tested for the processing conditions of an innovative and patented bioPU, reassuring a valid processing technology, flexible enough to be used with any other polymer suitable to RIM. The knowledge generated in the project will also serve for the development of appropriate tools and good practices for the design and production of parts using RIM method of manufacturing.