This project will develop innovative electrical discharge machining (EDM) electrodes by Additive Manufacturing (AM) by using new advanced electrically conductive materials based on phenolic resins, previously developed for other applications. Also by improving the conductivity through formulation and/or coating (PVD or electrodeposition) of other AM materials than can provide high surface resolution at low cost, such as stereolitography (SLA), Digital Light Processing (DLP) photopolymers and Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) polymers. For that, once defined the requirements and specifications, several formulations of conductive materials for those technologies will be (re-)formulated, characterised and optimised in order to manufacture functional EDM electrodes. They will be tested and assessed for effective manufacturing of moulds. Coordination Work Package (WP) will ensure the successful project execution and Dissemination & Exploitation WP set the basis for the outputs of the project to achieve the market access and further commercialisation. The domain addressed is Advanced Manufacturing Processes and the application sector is Capital good, as the new EDM electrodes will allow the reduction of the lead time from design to delivery, contributing to sustainability of the sector by reducing wastes and costs and providing flexibility for tool manufacturing owing to the introduction of AM technologies