Although technology is permeating all aspects of our lives, especially in the workplace, the centrality of the human role in supporting the creation of resilient manufacturing systems cannot be neglected. On the other side, the availability of smart technologies is enhancing human resilience in the workplace. This symbiotic relationship between humans and technology, if opportunely framed in a manufacturing context, can trigger a fruitful dual learning process that, among other things, can be exploited to mitigate the effects of environmental and system uncertainties in production planning. The fundamental objective in this project is to develop a human-centric robust planning system which aims at exploiting and enhancing workers’ self-resilience and system resilience at different levels of the planning process across all human resources involved. Self-learning approaches will be used to capture planners tacit knowledge and improve the planning system ability to react to uncertainties; concurrently, the planning system will support the identification of constraints to the realisation of production plans so that mitigation actions can be taken in due course, especially with regard to workforce management in production environments that rely on highly-skilled and agile workers. Through support to cognitive resilience and effective skill management, an impact on workforce wellbeing is envisaged.


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