Driven majorly by the tightening in green-house-gas emissions regulations, the demand for lightweight parts especially in the automotive industry is continuously increasing. For sheet metal applications, this demand is met by using higher strength materials and thus reducing the thickness and weight without compromising the safety and crashworthiness of the produced parts and structures. However, current technologies are either excessively energy demanding or limited to the simple geometries. HeatForm consortium aims at boosting the usage of advanced high strength steel (AHSS) materials in the design and manufacturing of complex shaped parts for the automotive industry without increasing the energy demand of the forming and shearing processes. The partners of the consortium plan to reach that goal by utilizing the mild temperature softening and ductility increase properties of AHSS. With the development of an in-line heating strategy for fine blanking and forming operations, it is planned to increase efficiency of the technology. Developed technologies will be validated using two different industrial parts.