The WAND project aims to develop a platform for achieving near-zero defect manufacturing in plastic injection molding. This platform will analyze data from different sources and will use data-driven prediction and optimization technologies to increase equipment productivity and product quality, reduce ramp-up time and manufacturing defects, and lower energy costs. The project will involve the following activities: • Designing a modular framework with an interface to multiple data sources (e.g. signal, imagery, 3D-scan etc.). • Installing sensor hardware and conducting testing at the end-user site • Developing software that interfaces with target machines and sensors, with both backend-frontend components. • Providing users with tools for data exploration, optimization, what-if scenarios, and changes in KPIs. • Leveraging AI/ML techniques to analyze and make predictions from high volume, unstructured data in real-time. The WAND aims to improve plastic injection molding operations through data-driven insights and optimization.


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