An increasing share of value creation takes place in distributed manufacturing networks. At the same time, there is an increasing demand for customized and high-quality products. The delivery time and the response time for changing requests of the customers are shortening more and more. In this context, a stronger collaboration between partners in specific supply relationships is required. The use of digital technologies offers great potential to solve these challenges. However, there is a lack of holistic approaches to support collaboration in intercompany manufacturing networks. So far, only locally available data can be exchanged purposefully and securely by the means of digital technologies. The aim of the EUREKA SMART Cluster project SmartCoNeT is to develop, test and validate systemic solutions and business models for collaborative, customer-based value creation. It aims at demonstrating in various use cases (reflecting application sectors of the SMART Technology Roadmap) and in important markets in Europe and Asia how intensive data exchange and intelligent analysis processes in manufacturing networks can improve the product quality, shorten the delivery time and increase the flexibility regarding dynamically changing customer needs (TRL 6 to 8). The use cases will mainly build on Industry-Academia tandems to ensure high-quality, industry-relevant results.