Josephine Cochrane invented the first dishwasher in 1886, and today household dishwashers and Industrial dishwashers are used in almost every eating areas. With the evolution of technology, the effects of global warming and the limited natural resources affected every machine to be more energy-efficient, more technological and smarter than before, including the dishwashers. Within this proposal, it is aimed to design an industrial dishwasher with a recovery system from heat and steam, for sustainability and for energy efficiency. In the planned process, dense steam formed in the washing tank will be absorbed by the radial fan and the air will be pushed back into the washing tank. Also the dense steam formed in the washing tank will be absorbed with the micro pumps. It will be mixed with the machine’s inlet water through the venture and will condensed in the water. In this way: heat and steam recycling will be provided, energy efficiency will be provided, less waste water will be discarded, the air quality in the working environment will increase and paddle boxes will not be needed.