The successful introduction and recent developments of high-speed laser melting deposition and thermal spray technologies in advanced manufacturing, confer these two technologies the capability to address the challenges posed by their industrialization in the manufacture of brakes, pads or clutches for both vehicles and industrial equipment, to respond adequately to the challenges posed by the recently proposed Euro 7 standard and the ambient air quality and cleaner air for Europe. BRACE aims at developing an industrial solution for low particle emission from braking and clutching operations, based on one of those two technologies and focusing on specific products for the markets already served by the industrial partners. BRACE will follow a robust Engineering project methodology to address major obstacles to each technological implementation, by comparing existing solutions with proposed ones and resulting developments thereof. A resulting technology will be incorporated into the industrial partner’s product lines


  Quantal, S.A.



 Frenos Sauleda, S.A.

Goizper Industrial 


SVÚM, a.s.

VSB-Technical University Ostrava

VZÚ Plzen