Today in semiconductor industry there are a variety of ceramic materials used such as Al2O3, AlN, Si3N4 or SiC for processing of wafers. These materials for Electro-Static Chucks (ESCs) are made typically by means of conventional hot pressing or sintering. Applications in plasma reactive environment, e.g. for etching processes require a durable ceramic which survives this harsh environment but also brings the electrical or electrostatic performance. Main goal is the development of next generation of ceramics used in semiconductor industry by using of an advanced shaping processes in combination with fast densification technique with the main goal allowing to design a multi-material structure with tailored microstructure. It was shown in first tests that the grain growth during the processing is improving the resistance to the plasma environment. Therefore, the project targets to establish a complete new end-to-end manufacturing process for a diameter of 8 inch and 12 inch electrostatic chucks made in Al2O3, AlN andSiC with additionally improved cooling structures.



Erich Neubauer