The overall goal of this project is to achieve a step change in the quality, yield and cost of components made by metal Additive Manufacturing (AM), through the development and improvement of design workflow, process improvement after monitoring, and post-process finishing tools. This will be achieved through an in-depth understanding of design for AM and its correlation with material properties and simulation techniques, a wider adoption of advanced in-process monitoring technologies, and its linkage and development of different post-processing techniques. The competitive advantage for the consortium’s AM industry partners will be realized by the ability to translate advanced design, in-situ process monitoring information, post-processing and validation into superior product performance, reduced process waste and improved lead times against current AM processes. The output of the project will enable industry partners to establish an innovative worldwide-first improved workflow able to bring new potential products to market in a reliable and optimized way. • Development innovative computational design solutions for AM optimized low-cost/high volume processes. • Collection and analysis of data from the laser melting in optimized products and correlate the data collected to the quality and yield of the completed parts providing comprehensive monitor and control • Creation of operator friendly Process Visualization Framework to incorporate the deep knowledge of the AM process and improve final quality and yield and enable process adjustment to avoid defects in the final products. This will be supported through in-depth research on the metal additive manufacturing (AM) process. • In-depth understanding of post-processing for Additive Manufacturing parts. Development of solutions for detected roadblocks and establishment of cutting tool strategies and cutting tool parameters for machining processes, including the development of a series of burr tool designs to reduce the time and cost of post processing of the parts – specifically for Metal AM support removal.







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