MM Maschinenmarkt awarded the “MM zur AMB 2018” to VSET, a raw part alignment system based on 3D vision.

The renowned German machine tool magazine awarded its “MM zur AMB 2018” prizes for state-of-the-art metallurgy innovation at the AMB trade fair.

On the first day of the event, MM Maschinenmarkt awarded SORALUCE the innovation prize in the Metrology and Quality Control category. There were three finalists in this category among many contenders for the prize: SORALUCE with its VSET measurement system, Renishaw with the SFP2 roughness sensor, and Vito with its KSS Vito 90 filter. SORALUCE finally won over the jury of five specialist MM Maschinenmarkt editors.

SORALUCE VSET is a new measurement system based on 3D vision technology. The VSET measures the geometry of the unmachined part outside the machine. It uses portable photogrammetry technology specifically designed for that purpose. These measurements are then compared to the desired 3D geometry of the part and a control process is run to ensure even and correct distribution of material offsets on the part surfaces that require machining. The result of this procedure is an optimal grip of the part in the machine and simple information provided to the machine operator as regards the points of reference to be used. Lastly, automated probing cycles on the points of reference guide the operator smoothly for proper alignment of the part in the machine. Thus, VSETprovides enhanced productivity in large milling machines.

VSET reduces timelines for calculation of best fit and alignment of large-format raw parts by up to 70%. The process guarantees the quality of parts from previous processes such as casting, forging and welding.



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