EUREKA is a publicly-funded, intergovernmental network, involving 40 countries. EUREKA clusters are long-term and strategically significant initiatives that develop technologies of key importance for European competitiveness, promoting R+D+I projects through a public-private-partnership.

Aernnova, Airbus Operations, B/S/H, Ensa, Mondragon, Grupo Antolin, Royo Group, Idesa and Navantia initiated the creation of a new EUREKA Program on Advanced Manufacturing – SMART, as a EUREKA Cluster, with the full support of the Spanish EUREKA Chair.

A number of European companies: Alshtom, C.R.Fiat, CEI, Comau, D´Appolonia, Festo, Iberomoldes, Maksima, Prima Industries,  Sinapse, Renishaw, Schneider-Electric, Siemens  and others have already confirmed their interest and support to the creation of SMART.

They understand that European Manufacturing Industries need to complement existing instruments with a new flexible R+D+I Program on Advanced Manufacturing positioned on the demand for industry-driven, nationally funded, internationally executed, high TRL innovation projects.

The Spanish Tractor Team invite all European manufacturing companies and all stakeholders on Innovation in Advanced Manufacturing to confirm their interest on this new R+D+I financing instrument.

All costs of this definition phase, previous to the constitution of the legal entity to run the Cluster`s operations will be covered from the Spanish Tractor Team.

Further details can be found at full presentation, Technology Roadmap, White Paper and the Support Form they are receiving from those companies interested in SMART. At the Spanish Tractor Team remains available for giving any further detail on the new EUREKA Cluster and ready to call or visit any company to explore its interest and enrich SMART with more experiences.



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