SMART 5th Call PO results

SMART 5th Call PO (Project Outline) phase closed on 24th January with 12 projects received, involving 57 partners from 15 different EUREKA Countries.

The average budget of the received POs is 1.88M€ and 33-month-duration.

The main countries participating in the projects are Finland (22% of total budget), Sweden (19%), South Korea (10%), Turkey (9%), Portugal (9%), Spain (6%) and Germany (6%). Other countries like Austria, Canada or Belgium have also some relevance.

The SMART Technical Committee and Public Authorities Board met on 2nd March to share their impressions about the Project Outlines submitted to the 5th Call. All submitted projects were invited to the FPP phase as they fit within the scope of SMART. Some proposals will need improvements, but the topics of the projects were considered adequate in all cases by Public Authorities.



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