Smart 3rd Call for Project PO (Project Outline) reception phase closed on 11th November, with 16 projects received.

16 proposals were received in the PO phase of SMART EUREKA Cluster 3rd Call with 97 partners from 14 different EUREKA Countries. The average budget of the received POs is over 1.8M€, with 6-7 participants and 32-month duration.

The main countries participating in the projects are UK (33% of total budget), Sweden (15%), Spain (12%), Turkey (11%), Czech Republic (8%) and Ireland (7%). Other countries like Austria, Germany, Belgium (Flanders) or Canada have also some relevance.

The SMART Experts will evaluate the proposals in the following days and applicants will receive recommendations to improve their projects for the FPP (Full Project Proposal) phase by December 16th. Then, the projects that are invited to the second stage and the projects that are directly applying for the FPP will have until March 23th to submit their Full Proposals.



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