A new version of the SMART Technology Roadmap is available for download in our website.

This review of our Roadmap illustrates the technology areas and developments that are needed to take a big step in the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry in Europe.

The Technology Roadmap is the result of a reflection process carried out within the framework of SMART: Advanced Manufacturing Eureka Cluster, led by important players from the European industry and completed with the contribution from academy and Research organisations. The roadmap provides the vision of strategic challenges identified in several high impact industrial sectors: Aeronautic, Automotive, Consumer Goods, Capital Good and Railway in which the technologies and new solutions developed within the cluster projects could be mainly applied.

SMART Technology Roadmap is developed based on two building blocks:

  1. The industrial challenges that manufacturing companies face, with the gaps, barriers and bottlenecks that they need to overcome in order to improve their competitiveness (Chapter 3)
  2. The enabling technologies and trends that are pushing forward the development capabilities, and create the basis for development of innovative solutions (Chapter 4)

Finally, based on the two previous blocks, 6 research and innovation domains are defined to address the industrial challenges (Chapter 5).

The Roadmap is available for download in this link.



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