SMART and CDTI organised a Cross-platform Workshop in Madrid last September 12th

SMART and the Spanish Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) organised a Cross-Platform Workshop in Madrid last September 12th in collaboration with the Spanish Industrial Platforms Fotonica 21HIsparobManu-Ket and Planetic.

Around 35 people attended the event were the following topics were dealt:

  • General information on EUREKA and the SMART Cluster were given initially, an overview of the results of the First Call were presented and the details of the Second Call were introduced to those present in the venue. In this regard, the attendees were invited to register in the PO Proposers’ Day that will be held in Brussels with the aim of fostering consortia to develop project ideas on Advanced Manufacturing.
  • Representatives of Fotonica 21, Manu-Ket and Planetic, each one of them, made presentations on the platforms’ strategies on Advanced Manufacturing and how they fit in SMART.
  • Some possible project ideas were mentioned by members of Airbus, PESI or Nissan.
  • Finally, CDTI showed the funding instruments and programs that could apply to the projects submitted through SMART.

Presentations shown at the event are available in the following link: Download presentations



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