Opportunity to fund SMART EUREKA projects with Chilean participation

Call description

CORFO, the Chilean National Funding Authority is launching a new program to financially support R&D projects on solutions that enable the progress from Traditional Manufacturing to Advanced Manufacturing implying important technological developments.

Although this is a national call where only Chilean companies can be beneficiaries, in case of identifying foreign interested entities (from any SMART EUREKA Cluster supporting & interested countries), this could be the seed for a SMART EUREKA Cluster Proposal to be submitted on the upcoming 2nd Call to be opened next 10th September 2018.

Deadline 2nd October 2018

Beneficiaries of the funding are SMEs, Large Companies, Universities and Research Centres both national and foreign.

Consortium must be composed of 1 Technological Manager+ 2 Co-executors + Associates (optional) + Interested entities (at least 1):

  • Technological Manager (Principal beneficiary): Must be a Chilean company, research and development centers or any other legal person constituted in Chile.
  • Co-executors: Both, national or international companies, technological centers or universities that assume part of the development of the program. The co-executors will be able to contribute to the co-finance of the project through pecuniary contributions (cash) or valued. (Smart cluster entities could participate)
  • Associates: Both, national or international companies, technological centers or universities that could be the first users of the developed technologies, so the associates must make pecuniary (cash) contributions and/or valued in each program (Smart cluster entities could participate)
  • Interested: Companies whose involvement is minor and doesn’t participate directly in the development but declare the interest surrounding the results and demonstrate to CORFO that there is a real interest of the industry around the expected results of the Program

Funding will amount to 70% of the total costs of the project’s up to Chilean Pesos (aprox. 2.650.000 euros). Eligible costs are those borne by the beneficiary, partners or associates. Costs borne by interested entities are not fundable.

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