A total of 16 FPPs were received for SMART’s 6th Call

After the deadline of May 3rd, a total of 16 FPPs were received for SMART’s 6th Call. These proposals involve the participation of 113 partners from 15 different countries, with a combined budget of €33.585 million.

The projects primarily involve countries such as Sweden, which accounts for 19% of the total budget, followed by Germany with 18%, the UK with 15%, and Türkiye with 9%. Other countries involved include Switzerland, Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Finland, Austria, Belgium (Flanders and Brussels regions), Ireland, Hungary and Italy.

Industrial companies, both large corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), represent nearly 75% of the total budget, while research and technology organizations (RTOs) and universities make up the remaining 25%.

Currently, SMART Experts and National Funding Agencies (NFAs) are evaluating the proposals. The selected projects will be awarded the SMART label by June 20th. This label will provide these innovative SMART projects with the opportunity to negotiate funding with their respective public authorities.



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