We are pleased to announce that 25 projects have been awarded labels in the 7th Call of SMART. These projects are the result of collaborative efforts from consortia comprising participants from 15 different countries, with a collective budget totalling 42.3 million euros. Participants in these projects will now need to coordinate their national funding application processes, with the aim to commence work in the upcoming months. The SMART Office personnel are more than happy to provide support in these activities.

Here is the list of the labelled projects:

  • ADAPT: Digital Manufacturing of Customized Orthopaedic Implants
  • AI-POTENT: Advancing Integration of Machine Learning for Optimized MOF Production, Enhanced Slurry Formation, and Novel Adsorption-based AWG Technology in Geothe
  • AMOS: ProTech Additive Manufacturing for Optimized Shaping – Process and Tooling Enhancement
  • ARTICULATE: Additive manufactuRing with in-siTu qualIty Control to enable Usp-Laser functionAlizaTion on high prEcision molds
  • ASSEMBLE: Advanced Solutions for Simplifying the Engineering of Assemblies for Renewable Energy
  • CAIPIRENHA: Cleaning and Activation of Implant materials by Atmospheric pressure Plasma with Integrated quality control for REliable adhesion of Nano-Hydroxyl-Apa
  • CAM4speed: CAM module for high productive finish machining
  • CCC: CirCular thermoplastiC Composites for struCtural appliCations
  • COMPADDITIVE: Advancing Composite Moulding with Additive Manufacturing
  • CoToPro: Configuration To Production
  • CUSTOMED: Innovative production of custom-made medical devices
  • DOMINANT: Development Of hybrid additive Manufacturing technologies for Nickel And Niobium based High Temperature Materials for Aerospace and Energy Application
  • ECOALUM: Efficient Control of adhesion and temperature in aluminum machining.
  • ESAM-UKSE: Sustainable electrical vehicle motor windings via electron beam additive manufacturing of copper
  • Forecast3AM: Forecasting Resource, Energy, and Cost Allocation for Smart, Scalable, and Sustainable Additive Manufacturing
  • HEXeco: Sustainable Manufacturing of Heat Exchangers for Carbon-free Heating and Cooling Systems​
  • INDIEMAN: Intelligent & Automatic NDT for Discrete Manufacturing
  • LSAM-OPT: Large-scale additive manufacturing integrated with topology-optimized fiber reinforcement
  • MAGENTA: Advanced Manufacturing and Generative design of material efficient sputtering Targets for thin film industry
  • ProDesk-3D: Multi-Process reconfigurable Desktop production centre for holistic 3D manufacture of micro-parts
  • rapidFORMtool: Additive-based, hybrid manufacturing of advanced, rapid tooling for metal forming
  • ROBOT BOX: Plug and play box for automatic adaptation of arm robot programs: application to welding and manufacturing
  • SaMurAi: Sustainable Manufacturing of High-Integrity Aeroengine Components with Excellent Mechanical Properties
  • SolarARMS: Autonomous Robotic Mounting System for Solar Panel Installation
  • Venus – Go Live!: Venus – An environmentally friendly surface coating, replacing nickel-chromium (but free from nickel-chromium!)

We will soon upload detailed information about each project on the SMART website. Stay tuned for updates!



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