16 projects have been labelled in the Smart 6th Call

Congratulations to all 16 projects that have been labelled in the 6th Call of SMART. Consortia are formed by participants of 14 countries and the budget of the projects amounts to a total of 33.6 million euros. From now on participants in these projects will have to coordinate their national funding application processes to start them in the following months. SMART Office personnel will be very glad to support in these activities.

The following is the list of labelled projects:

  • 3Dpack – Integrated process for an automatized 3D food printing packaging system
  • AnthroPLAN – humAn-centered robust PLANning system with self-learning capabilities
  • BRACER – BRake pArtiCles Emission Reduction
  • BRAVE – Robust post-processing of additively manufactured components
  • ComDiscTool – Sustainable composite powders and advanced manufacturing of highly wear-resistant components and tools for sheet metal forming
  • DISTOPIA – Distorting the Aerospace Manufacturing Boundaries: Operational Integration of Autonomy on Titanium
  • E-SAM – Sustainable electrical motor windings via additive manufacturing of copper
  • InToSteel – Innovative integration of high precision laser measurements, artificial intelligence based surface analysis and predictive process models
  • MonPuForm – System for monitoring hydraulic pump systems in forming technology
  • OPTFORGE – Improved hot forging processes by advanced numerical models for final properties prediction, the development of new tooling coatings and the applicati
  • ROBUST – ciRcular prOduction of flexiBle poyUrethane-baSed producTs
  • S-MACH – Sustainable Machining of Extruded Aluminium for Automotive Application
  • SFOS – Superpolished Freeforms Optical Systems (SFOS) for industry and nuclear fusion
  • SmartMold – Competitive and sustainable molds for tomorrow’s composite production through function-integrating additive technologies
  • SmartWeld – Smart welding of sustainable composites for medical applications
  • WAND – Digital tWin based multi-sensor data Analysis platform for Near-zero Defect manufacturing

Soon, we will upload the data of each project on the SMART website to provide more details. We recommend staying tuned.



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