Documents and templates

For each call stage, you will find the appropriate documents on this page. Please always make sure you have the latest version of the document you are using.

Phase Documents Comments


The Framework Agreement is the main document that rules the relationships among stakeholders within the SMART EUREKA Cluster

These Regulations are an extension of the Articles of Association of SMART and defines functioning of the SMART and that of call and projects

The SMART Technology Roadmap provides essential guidelines for Europe to address societal challenges and strengthen the competitiveness of European manufacturing industry.

It was prepared by a broad group of experts from across the European industrial and scientific community.

This document establishes the basis of the expert’s participation in SMART and projects evaluation related aspects.

Project Outline

(PO) Phase

An editable word version template to write the Project Outline

To be signed and submitted by each partner upon proposal submission

A guide with the instructions to fill the PO Template

An editable Excel version template to fill with overall cost description of your project proposal

Webinar held on the 5th of November 2018 giving guidelines on how to prepare a Project Outline for the Second Call

Full Project Proposal

(FPP) Phase

An editable word version template to write the Full Project Proposal

An editable Word version template for section 7 of the FPP template. It must be submitted together with the FPP completed and signed by each participant of the consortium

An editable Excel version template for the Project Finantials

A guide with the instructions to fill the FPP Template

Each partner in an SMART project has to acknowledge the rules and regulations as laid down in the SMART Framework Agreement as being applicable to their project(s) by signing a Declaration of Acceptance (DoA). The SMART label will only become valid after the DoA has been signed.

DoA's must be:

  • Printed on company paper
  • Signed by an authorised person

After labelling, a Project Consortium Agreement (PCA) must be signed by all partners. This details the co-operation between the project partners (contractors and subcontractors, where applicable). For some Public Authorities, the PCA - signed by all partners - is a prerequisite for funding

After Labelling.

Project execution

A template to be used by participants to submit any change that could occur after the label and during the execution of a project. It should be sent to:

A guide used by the Project Coordinator and partners to report on the SMART Project progress, including the periodical reporting and closing

A template to be used by the Project Coordinator to report on project progress. It should be sent to: